QS635 Grapple Processor

QS635 Grapple Processor

QS635 Grapple Processor

4X4 equals increased traction, torque, and delimbing force.

The QUADSTAR grapple processor is heavy duty and built to last.

The QS635GP Grapple processor is designed to be able to sort, shovel and load like a grapple and process, measure and cut with all the advantages of a Southstar processor. Combine your loading and processing into one effective machine. The QS635 is designed for large wood with an optimum operating size of 24-32” in diameter. This large multi tree grapple processor is packed full of design features that set it apart from the competition

Grapple delimb arms

Extra large grapple delimb arms to maximise capacity while retaining delimbing excellence. Unique drive arm design fold out when loading for extra capacity.

Tilt lock system

Powerful tilt lock system - activated with twin cylinders allowing this grapple processor to operate without a heel attached.

Tilt leveling software

Combined with innovative tilt leveling software to control logs when loading from back of trailer or handling wood off centre.

Dual rotate motor drive

Powerful dual rotate motor drive allows operator to rotate logs up steep slopes and when loading trucks on uneven ground.

4x4 drive system

Powerful 4x4 drive system providing amplified torque in large wood when processing, while increasing productivity with the ability to multi-stem small wood.

Side Stepping

Innovative patent pending Side Stepping drive feature allowing for independent control of two stems. This allows the operator to align butts, trim defects out of one stem but not the other and or, process one stem and not the other.

Dual find end

Dual find end sensors to eliminate wastage when multi tree processing.

Dasa 5

Controlled with proven DASA 5 computer system combined with Southstars unique Startrax satellite communication system.

Taper Lock Collar

Large diameter pins with Taper Lock Collar design for decreased wear and increased life expectancy.


State of the art DGlide bushing material for extended life and durability of pins.

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Metric Imperial
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Weight including rotator top and link 4,321 kg 9,526 lb
Height in processing position including rotator top and link 2,218 mm 87″
Maximum width with arms open 2,950 mm 116″
DRIVE SECTION Motor cc standard (drive arm) 1,395 cc 1,395 cc
Motor cc standard (fixed center drive) 800 cc  800 cc
Maximum drive roller opening 1,085 mm 42.5″
Minimum drive roller closing diameter 80 mm 3.1″
Feed speed 4.4-5.3 m/s 14.4-17.4 ft/s
DELIMB SECTION Maximum delimb opening 1,025 mm 40″
Minimum delimb closing diameter 120 mm 4.7″
2 STEM PROCESSING +/- 1″ accuracy 250 mm 9.8″
3 STEM PROCESSING +/- 1″ accuracy 350 mm 13.7″
BUTT SAW Saw type Southstar 3/4 Southstar 3/4
Bar size 1,016 mm 40″
Chain pitch 19.05 mm 3/4″
Chain auto tension Optional Optional
TOP SAW Bar size 762 mm 30″
Chain pitch 19.05 mm 3/4″
CONTROL SYSTEM Dasa5 standard with detailed production reports
Optional additions:
– Full optimisation
– Electronic Callipers for electronic calibration


CONFIGURATIONS – Butt saw chain grease system
– Continuous 360° rotation
– 400° rotation
– Startrax Satellite Communication System
CARRIER REQUIREMENTS Size 30,000-35,000kg 30-35 t
Maximum pressure 35 Mpa 5,076 Psi
Optimum flow @ pressure 300-360 l/min @ 15 Mpa 79-95 Gl/min @ 2,175 Psi

*The manufacturer reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time without prior notice

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