Southstar Equipment has revolutionised the way wood products are processed in the forest with a fresh approach to solving problems and improving efficiencies through clever design solutions.

Our innovative design team works with comprehensive stress anlysis software to develop, simulate and test all of our products before the manufacturing process begins. This gives us the ability to react to the market and customer requirements, and develop robust solutions that are built to last.


Southstars innovative four wheel drive system present in every class size allows for consistent and controlled multi and single stem processing. With patent pending independent drive between the left and right side of the machine the operator has the ability to independently feed one of two stems (fig. 1). This gives the operator the freedom to align butts, trim defects, or simply process a length of one stem if one diameter is greater than the other before activating all drive wheels to process both stems (fig. 2).


Fig 2: Southstar 4x4 drive design

Fig 1: Southstar independent left and right hand drive


Improving this four wheel drive system is the Southstar developed parabolic spring timing link between the two feed arms. This feature insures the feed arm drive wheels remain in contact with the stem or of inconsistent diameters of multi stems at all times regardless of stem profile. This innovation results in a reduction in wheel spin improving drive traction and power (fig. 3 & fig. 4).

Fig 4: Unique Southstar parabolic spring link

Fig 3: Unique Southstar parabolic spring link


Southstar has revolutionized multi and single stem delimbing excellence and ease of knife-edge replacement with their innovative Titanium coatedbolt-on delimb arm inserts.

Designed with two different bolt on insert profiles suited for either multi or single stem processing enables optimum delimbing quality when changing backwards and forwards between predominately single and multi-stem stands. One set of delimb arms can now do both.


Delimb Arm Inserts