Satellite Communication System

Southstar Equipment has transformed safety and process efficiency by incorporating satellite communication and data transfer capabilities in all it’s attachments.

Startrax (satellite communication system) is developed by Southstar specifically for sending and receiving production reports, grades, assortments, machine information or instructions, in remote areas regardless of cellular service. Startrax has added safety benefits when working in remote destinations allowing constant communication from your office to your entire fleet.

 Text and Email messaging

2 way messaging even in the most remote areas with no cellular coverage.


2 way messaging allows operators to check in and receive message which increases their safety on the job.


Automatic reporting, set system to email operation or production reports everyday or when needed. No more printouts or memory sticks.


GPS Equipment Location

Manage your fleet from your office with the capability to locate your equipment.


Cutting Instructions

The capability to send new cutting instructions to operators in the field from any location, home or office.

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