FD750 Felling Head

FD750 Felling Head


Clear fell, shovel, bunch and sort.

The DIRECTSTAR directional felling head is heavy duty and built to last.

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Metric Imperial
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Weight including rotator top and link 2,590 kg 5,710 lbs
Height in harvest position including rotator top and link 2,336 mm 92″
Maximum width with arms open 2,051 mm 81″
GRAPPLE SECTION Maximum grapple opening 1,380 mm 54.5″
Minimum grapple closing diameter 127 mm 5″
BUTT SAW Saw type Southstar 3/4 Southstar 3/4
Maximum cutting diameter 1,105 mm 43.5″
Bar size 1,219 mm 48″
Chain pitch 19.05 mm 3/4″
Chain auto tension Optional Optional
CONTROL SYSTEM Dasa standard
Optional additions:
– Saw limiting allowing controlled backcut
OPTIONAL CONFIGURATIONS – Butt saw chain grease system
– Continuous 360° rotation
Optional Optional
CARRIER REQUIREMENTS Size 20,000-30,000kg 20-30 t
Maximum pressure 35 Mpa 5076 Psi
Optimum flow @ pressure 280-300 l/min @ 15 Mpa 74-79 Gl/min @ 2175 Psi

*The manufacturer reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time without prior notice