The beginning

The beginning
December 19, 2011 quadco

Southstar Equipment was launched in 2007 by Dave Cochrane, founder of the Waratah Group. His goal is to bring new, innovative products to the logging industry. With good old fashion ‘know how’, Dave has engineered a series of processors that meet the need of today’s logging contractors. By focusing on reliability and production, Southstar has developed some of the most innovative harvesting equipment today.

The partnership for Southstar Equipment consists of Dave Cochrane and Jeremy Disher from New Zealand. Marcel Payeur, Michael Klopp, Jeff Rankel, Mike Sampietro and Brad Matthews from Canada.

Dave Cochrane rewrote the book on bucking and delimbing over 30 years ago with the development of a mechanized processing head designed to withstand New Zealand and North American logging conditions. He is recognized world wide as one of the leading forestry equipment innovators of our generation.

Marcel Payeur is known for providing a higher level of service, and support which had been lacking in the forestry industry. Marcel sold one of the first Waratah 620′s in North America created by Dave Cochrane. With this partnership Marcel and his team will bring quality products from Dave Cochrane to North America, and the rest of the World.

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  1. Darcy 7 years ago

    A southstar head on a Hyundai carrier is a match made in heaven – and Kamloops. 🙂

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